Bishop's Message

Welcome to The Catholic Foundation of West Michigan (CFWM), a separately incorporated 501(c)3 foundation that holds and manages individual funds that support parishes, schools and charitable organizations in the Diocese of Grand Rapids.

CFWM provides an opportunity for smaller funds to realize a greater return on investment because all CFWM funds are invested with the Michigan Catholic Conference, which manages and invests many millions of dollars from dioceses throughout Michigan.  Semi-annual distributions from these funds provide a consistent source of income that has been especially important in recent times of economic hardship.

This website provides information about specific funds within CFWM, investment and distribution policies, the management team and how to build a current fund or start a new fund.  Additional information is available by contacting Greg Deja, Executive Director, at (616) 475-1251 or

I am most grateful for the donors who have generously built the Catholic Foundation of West Michigan over the years and acknowledge the many benefits that have derived to parish and diocesan programs and ministries.  I invite anyone who seeks opportunity to impact parishioners, their communities and our Church – both today and in perpetuity – to consider establishing a new fund or supporting an existing fund.  Such generosity will inspire others and will support the growth of our Catholic faith throughout West Michigan and beyond.